Religion Course Sequencing Table

Please be aware that the table below represents current planning and is subject to change based on faculty availability and student interest. It is not meant to represent any guarantee to the student that the courses will be offered in the term in which they are currently planned. This chart was last updated in December 2018.

Course Fall 18 Spr 19 Fall 19 Spr 20 Fall 20 Spr 21  Fall 21 Spr 22 
REL 100** X   X   X    X  
REL 102**   X       X    
REL 105** X   X   X    
REL 107**   X   X   X  
REL 109   X   X   X  
REL 126                
REL 136 (AFR) X       X      
REL 202 (HIS)**   X       X    
REL 211 (WGS)                
REL 212                
REL 215 (HIS)                
REL 225       X        X
REL 228** X   X   X    
REL 235                
REL 240 (HIS)                
REL 242                
REL 250                
REL 260 (AST)**       X      
REL 308   X          
REL 309 X            
REL 312       X        X
REL 320           X    
REL 355 (HIS)                
REL 480** X   X   X  X  

**Courses marked with double asterisks are tracked in Planner.