Health and Human Performance Education BA with P-12 Certification

Exploring the Major— A student interested in Health and Human Performance with P-12 Certification major should contact a Health and Human Performance Department faculty member as early as possible to explore areas of concentration. The student also should meet with an Education Studies faculty member as soon as possible. (See Course Sequencing Considerations and Teacher Education Program.)  Also see Teacher Education Program.

Admission to the Major— An interview with department faculty members and a departmental recommendation are required for admission to the Health and Human Performance major. See the “Requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education Program” under Education Studies for that department’s admission requirements, including the minimum overall GPA of 2.75.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within nine terms)— A student with an interest in Health and Human Performance as a major is advised to register as early as the first term for EDS 150HHP 125 (must earn a B- or higher), BIO 101, and HLT 200. These courses are foundational to continued work in the major. Health and Human Performance major courses are taught in alternating years, so it is important to begin the sequence as early as possible.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Major— A grade of C+ (2.5 GPA) or higher in each required Health and Human Performance major course and in each prerequisite and collateral course is required for continuation in the major. Students not receiving a grade of C+ or higher may repeat that particular course to raise the grade while remaining in the major program. An overall GPA of 2.5 is required for students seeking certification. In addition, certification in First Aid/CPR must be completed by the first term of the Senior year. May be met by taking HLT 109Comprehensive First Aid, HLT 202 American Red Cross Instructor, HHP 310: Adv. Swimming and Lifeguard Training, or a community course approved by the student's academic advisor.

Admission to and Completion of the Teacher Education Program (in order to graduate withinnine terms)— Students are strongly encouraged to take EDS 150 by the second term of the first year, but no later than the first term of sophomore year. (Multiple sections of EDS 150 are offered each Fall and Spring term.) Those students past their first year (including transfers) will be given priority for registration in EDS 150. Prior to the first day of the EDS 150 class, students must have completed a state criminal records clearance which takes 6-8 weeks to be processed. Students will learn about this procedure during pre-registration. While taking EDS 150, students will be assigned an Education Adviser.  HHP 362 (or an approved alternative) must be taken by the eighth term, and EDS 349 and EDS 355 (or an approved alternative) must be completed prior to the eighth term. Only EDS 481Student Teaching Seminar (1 credit) and EDS 482: Student Teaching (3 credits) may be taken in the ninth term. Throughout their preparation, students seeking teacher certification are expected to seek out rich and substantive experiences with students of the ages they plan to teach beyond those associated with EDS courses. Such activities include SFA-related service work (e.g., One-on-One Tutoring), working with after-school programs, summer camp experiences, etc. Completion of teacher certification may receive approval for an extension of terms. For further information about the Teacher Education Program, Student Teaching, and Recommendation for Certification, see “Requirements for all Students Seeking Certification."

Other Considerations or Recommendations— Students majoring in Health and Human Performance are expected to hold a Labor position for at least one term within the Health and Human Performance Department, Seabury Center, or Intramurals.

(Also see Health Studies and Health Teaching minors to follow)