Appeals of Academic Probation

Students who remain in violation of the SAP policies as a result of early academic difficulties, but have a track record of successful academic work, may submit an appeal to the SAAS committee for removal from Academic Probation.

Students who are placed on Academic Probation solely for not meeting the SAP credits progress standards and who have been accepted to a major and have an approved curriculum plan that demonstrates that they will be able to complete their degree within the 8‐term limit without overloading in any term, can appeal their probationary status to the SAAS Committee. Students in this situation will be required to request a waiver of probation status each term and demonstrate that they are following their approved curriculum plan. Students may modify and update their curriculum plan to respond to changes in course sequencing, availability, or registration with the approval of their advisor.

Also see the “Readmission” and “Academic Standing and Reinstatement to Good Standing” in this publication for more information.