Probation Conditions

During the term of probation, the student will be enrolled in GST 101: Strategies for Academic Success (1/4‐credit course) unless said student has passed the course previously. Failure to successfully complete GST 101 while on probation will negatively influence future enrollment decisions for a student who remains in academic difficulty. Students wishing to be excused from this requirement may complete the GST 101 waiver form available from the Office of Student Success & Transition (

Students on Academic Probation cannot participate in internships, independent studies, team-initiated studies, Berea Term Abroad, or international travel in Summer terms (including Berea International Summer Term or KIIS). Students who wish to participate in the above activities may appeal to the SAAS Committee for a waiver to these conditions of Academic Probation. Additionally, students on any form of probation are not authorized to have a vehicle on campus. (see Motor Vehicle Policy for Students for more information)