Student Health Insurance

Beginning August 1, 2015, the College will not provide an Affordable Care-Act (ACA) compliant insurance plan for students.  Students are expected, along with parents, to be in an ACA-compliant insurance plan.  For the 2018-19 academic year, the College will require students without insurance coverage in Kentucky to be enrolled in the College's non-ACA compliant plan.

Students’ dependents may be added to the College plan at an additional premium.

Policy benefits and exclusions are explained in a brochure sent to each student along with an insurance card. This card must be presented when seeking medical care, other than at White House Clinic - Student Health Services.  The Student Health Services staff may assist with this task.  For more information visit

Prescriptions are not covered by the College student health-insurance policy.

Questions regarding student health insurance fees should be directed to Student Financial Aid Services, ext. 3310.

Case Managers at Student Health Services may be able to assist students with insurance questions at 859-985-1415