Strategic Initiatives Division

Teri Thompson, M.M.

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

B.M.E., University of Northern Colorado, 1992;

M.M., University of Kentucky, 2000.

Berea, 2011

Dreama Gentry, J.D.

Director of Partners for Education

B.A., Berea College, 1989;

J.D., University of Kentucky, 1992.

Berea, 1993

David Cooke, M.S.

Director of Grow Appalachia;

Director of the Appalachian Fund

B.S., Berea College, 1982;

M.S., West Virginia University, 2003.

Berea, 2005

Donna Daniels, 

Director of the Brushy Fork Institute

B.A., Eastern Kentucky University, 2003;

M.A., Western Kentucky University, 2017.

Berea, 2012