ARH 200 Visual Cultures of Science

Prerequiste: GSTR 210

Arranged thematically, this course explores how artists both responded to and were involved in scientific innovation in the West as well as how scientists were aware of and contributed to innovations in the arts. Artists worked to interrogate their world using similar approaches and tools as natural philosophers and natural historians. Scholars’ interrogations of the natural world were tied up with their efforts to visually represent their findings. Organized in three units, this course examines these interactions in three fields of study, 1) Macrocosms - examines scientists attempt to visually communicate their ever changing understanding of the heavens; 2) Microcosms - turns the lens around to study the minute and examines how scientists and artists use new instruments to understand the invisible as well as looking more broadly at the study of nature; and 3) Man - turns our focus inward to examine artistic and scientific interest in anatomy.


1 Course Credit