Non-Degree Student

Berea College provides classes to a limited number of non-degree students by application. Non-degree student applications are available from and should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

The course load of a non-degree student may not exceed 2.25 course credits per regular term without permission of the Enrollment Policies Committee.  Appeals may be submitted to the Registrar.

No more than six course credits earned as a non-degree student may be applied toward a Berea College degree.  Non-degree students are not subject to the same financial restrictions for admission that apply to degree-seeking students; however, such restrictions are applicable if the student applies to be a degree candidate.

To remain eligible for the non-degree program at Berea College, a student must earn a C or higher in all courses.

The following courses are not available to non-degree students:

  • Applied music lessons,
  • Internships,
  • Independent/Team Initiated Studies,
  • Directed Studies and
  • General Studies Required (GSTR) Courses.

High School Non-Degree Student

High school non-degree students must be a junior or senior enrolled at Berea Community High School, Madison Southern High School, have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA, and the recommendation of the guidance counselor.  Home-school students must meet the minimum SAT/ACT score for degree-seeking students. 

Community Non-Degree Student

To be eligible to attend Berea College as a community non-degree student, an individual must, at the time of application, reside in Madison, Garrard, Jackson, or Rockcastle counties; be 18 years or older; and hold at least a high-school diploma or the equivalent at the time of enrollment.  

Berea College graduates or former degree-seeking students who did not complete a degree are eligible to enroll as non-degree students in on-campus courses. Work taken as a non-degree student in these circumstances may not count toward a degree at Berea College.

Regular full-time and part-time Berea College employees, with permission of their supervisor and the Director of Human Resources, may take one (1) course per term. College employees must be in good standing if they are former Berea College students.