College-Initiated Withdrawal or Administrative Withdrawal

Students may be withdrawn administratively by the College through the Student Admissions and Academic Standing (SAAS) Committee due to failure to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (see SAP chart in “Financial Aid and Student Accounts” section of this publication), for Academic Difficulty, and/or for failure to engage and function in courses. Policies concerning these matters are contained in the “Financial Aid and Student Accounts” and “Academic Difficulty” sections of this College Catalog. Students may be withdrawn administratively from the College by the Labor Program Council for failure to function adequately in the Labor Program or for falsification of labor records. Students also may be suspended or expelled through processes of the Community Judicial Code. In addition, students may be withdrawn administratively by the College for other problems not under scholarship or general social regulations, such as:

  • Failure to function or unexplained extended absence.
  • Failure to meet administrative deadlines, including failure to register or confirm registration or to take care of administrative record needs.
  • Failure to respond to notices or appointments including mandatory meeting requests made by College personnel.