Section 2: Scope of Policy

All of College’s students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors are covered by this policy. This policy applies on all College property, on all property at which the College holds educational programs or activities, and on all means of transport utilized by or on behalf of the College for students, faculty, and staff. This policy applies to all of the College’s educational programs and other activities, including BIST study abroad programs.  For purposes of this policy, all references to the campus shall include the College forest, farms, and other real property owned by Berea College. This policy may be applicable to the effects of off-campus misconduct that effectively deprives someone of access to Berea College's educational program or has continuing effects on campus.

The College has a separate policy and procedures pertaining to Sexual Harassment as defined under Title IX. This Policy does not apply to any matter arising within the scope of the College's Title IX Policy.