An Enriching Technological Environment

Recognizing that today’s citizens must be technologically sophisticated and tomorrow’s must be even more so, Berea College has invested more than $6 million in its computer-network infrastructure and will continue to add to this investment as buildings on campus are renovated, and as wireless network access expands on campus. The College provides students with broad access to electronic information and assists its students in developing strong information-technology literacy skills needed to succeed in today’s world. Information technologies are used to enhance student learning in all the disciplines.

The College’s powerful fiber-optic network is available in more than 70 campus buildings, linking students, faculty, and staff from more than 9000 data ports in classrooms, offices, residence-halls, and public spaces throughout the campus, and includes a dual 1-Gigabit connection to the Internet. Wireless network access is available in all academic and administrative buildings, residence hall lounges and many outdoor areas.

In addition, the College provides a laptop computer to each student. The program allows students access to software functions and network resources almost anytime, anywhere on campus. These computers run standard word processing, spreadsheet, and database software, as well as specialized academic software, as needed. Specialized computer labs are provided for access to graphics rendering, video editing, and other high-end applications that may not operate as efficiently on a laptop computer. Students have access through the College’s network to their e-mail, the Internet, academic file sharing resources, Moodle course-management software, and the online library catalog (BANC).

When they enroll, students also receive access to Berea’s virtual learning community with their own personalized access to the MyBerea Web portal. MyBerea provides single sign-on access to various systems designed to support student academic success and monitor individual progress in reaching academic goals. Through Berea’s Labor Program, many students learn valuable skills as computer consultants or technicians.