Procedures for Recruiting Faculty

Before reviewing the procedures that govern the recruitment and selection of full-time members of the faculty, it is important to recall with all of the persons who will be engaged in all or some part of the process that the interview materials, the private discussions about the merits of all or any candidates, and the conclusions of a search process (beyond the simple facts that a search is completed or cancelled) are strictly confidential. In no circumstance should candidates who were part of a short list, or who visited the campus as applicants, be informed or counseled about the merits or problems with their candidacies.

The procedures outlined below are intended to provide guidance for the recruitment and selection of full-time members of the faculty. Such procedures have generally proved serviceable in the past, but improvement or refinement is still possible. Any suggestions that might increase the likelihood of finding and securing the best possible candidates for the College are welcome. 

Please note that since part-time faculty are not typically recruited nationally, not all of the procedures listed here apply. However, many are relevant to all searches. Part-time appointments are arranged by the Dean of Faculty in consultation with Division Chairs and Department Chairs.

This section has been informed by Myra Gordon's essay, "Diversification of the Faculty: Frank Talk from the Front Line about What Works," in What Makes Racial Diversity Work in Higher Education: Academic Leaders Present Successful Policies and Strategies, ed. by Frank W. Hale, Jr. (Sterling, VA: Stylus, 2004), pp. 183-98; and by Natasha J. Baker, "Managing the Hiring Process," Workshop for Department and Division Chairs, June 7, 2017, available at