Fees, Fines, and Charges

Following is a list of the fees, fines, and charges currently in effect:

Charge Fee
Miscellaneous Fines and Fees  
Identification Card Replacement (non-refundable) $15.00
Fine for Authorized vehicles with 3 or more citations $100.00
Fine for Vehicle Possession violations—first offense $100.00
Fine for Vehicle Possession violations—second offense $250.00
Processing of Insufficient Funds Check $15.00
Missed appointment for psychological counseling $15.00
Hutchins Library Fines for Students  
Overdue books (per day) $0.25
Overdue videos, DVDs, CDs (per day) $1.00
Lost materials $50.00
Decal fee for Residential Students $50.00
Decal fee for Non-Residential Students $25.00
Fine for Parking in unauthorized area $25.00
Fine for no decal or improperly displayed decal
Every additional citation after first "No Decal"
Fine for Improper Parking
Fine for parking on yellow line
Fine for blocking roadway or parking on grass
Fine for parking in restricted area $25.00
Fine for exceeding time limit for parking $20.00
Fine for parking on sidewalk $20.00
Fine for parking in handicapped zone, blocking fire lane $75.00
Late fee for not paying fines by due date $10.00
Fine for other violations that impede traffic or pose safety hazards (detailed list available from the Office of Public Safety; may also incur towing expenses) $15.00
Fine for removal of boot device (in addition to payment of all existing and previous fines for citations) $50.00
Registration for Courses  
Registration for Non-Degree Students:  
Summer May Term $50.00
Summer Seven-Week Term $50.00
Fall or Spring Term $100.00
Registration for Auditors:  
All Terms $50.00
Residence Responsibilities  
Failure to clean room before leaving at the end of the term
(Additional charges to clean may apply)
Charge for approved Guest $15.00
Failure to leave room at the end of the term (per hour) $25.00
Failure to complete check-out process $25.00
Property Damage, plus cost of removing and storing items Variable