Labor Departments


Students work in over 120 labor departments, each of which is supervised by at least one faculty member or professional staff person selected by the department head. Additionally, most departments have labor mentors, individuals who are not directly charged with supervisory responsibilities, but who actively participate in student training and development. Many departments will also have students serving in supervisory/leadership roles.

The Dean of Labor provides general oversight for all work areas to ensure consistency of administration and regulation enforcement as well as training and assessment.   Labor Departments will vary widely in the nature of work performed, internal structures, methods of supervision, degrees of autonomy, etc. 

Students are encouraged to experience a variety of work environments to maximize their learning opportunities and expose themselves to different work styles.

Distribution of Labor

While labor allocations vary slightly from year to year, student work is generally distributed as follows*:

Academic Support 9%
Alumni/Development 3%
Auxiliary 14%
Community Service (on and off campus) 8%
Education and General 31%
Plant Operations (Facilities) 9%
General Administration 8%
Industries 1%
Services/Student Led Organizations 1%
Student Services 16%

*These percentages reflect the labor allocation distribution of a typical  Academic Year per primary positions

A complete list of labor departments, including supervisor name and contact information, department location, nature of work, learning opportunities, and desired qualifications, can be found online on Berea's S.O.A.R. website. S.O.A.R. can be accessed through the myBerea portal in the Labor Program portlet.