Graduating Seniors: Failing to meet Labor Requirement

Graduating seniors who fail to meet the Labor Program minimum hours requirement in their final term will have their transcripts withheld (both academic and labor) until they have completed a required number of community service hours. The number of community service hours will be determined by the Director of Labor and is based both on the hours not met and student’s past work performance. The following plan will be followed:

  1. An agreed upon number of service hours will typically equal the graduates' total shortage of hours for the final term. However, if the student has exhibited a substantial amount of performance concerns during the final term (including a poor evaluation score) the amount of community service hours can be determined to be an amount exceeding the total shortage of hours.
  2. The graduate is responsible for locating, and securing a non-paid community service position.
  3. Before starting work,  the graduate must submit to the Labor Program Office, written details regarding the position which must include the community service organization and agency contact information.
  4. There must be a sponsor from the organization who will oversee the service work.
  5. The sponsor should contact the Program & Operations Manager of the Labor Program before the service work begins in order to review the expectations and procedures.
  6. Upon completing the work the graduate must provide a time sheet showing the worked hours and signed by the sponsor within the agency. 
  7. All documentation should be on official organization email or stationary.
  8. The information will be utilized by the Labor Program to verify and approve the position.
  9. Upon verification by the Labor Program, the graduate’s transcripts will be made available for release to the student.

Note: The "Graduating Seniors: Failing to meet Labor Requirement" policy is not intended as an "out" for graduating seniors.  Students who fail to complete the labor requirement during their final term of enrollment are subject to all disciplinary actions indicated in the above sections of the handbook- including suspension prior to graduation.