Confidentiality Agreement – Student Worker

All incoming students sign a "Student Worker Confidentiality Agreement" upon entering the college and before starting to work. This agreement defines and articulates the general workplace confidentiality standards the student worker must follow when handling or having access to sensitive and protected department records and communications. Labor Departments can choose to supplement this agreement with a department confidentiality agreement that is specific to the department’s work environment.

Berea College Student Worker Confidentiality Agreement

I, _________________________________________________, understand that in the performance of my assigned duties as a student worker at Berea College, I may at times have access to personal and department records. I agree to keep all such information completely confidential. By signing this document, I am agreeing not to share any information that I become aware of through conversation, actions, or through the viewing of personal and/or departmental records except as authorized by my supervisor.

The purpose of this agreement is to protect the privacy and identity of all parties and to avoid compromising the integrity of the department, all concerned individuals, and Berea College through the disclosure of confidential information.

I understand that to breach this confidentiality is a betrayal of trust and a serious offense which may result in my dismissal from the department and/or possible disciplinary action by Berea College.



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