Summer Off-Campus Internship Funding

Students may be able to secure funding to work in their home or other communities during the summer. This funding not only allows students to maximize summer earnings by avoiding housing and transportation costs, but also allows them to give back to their communities through work and service. Funding is limited and summer internships for academic credit and those with non-profit government and service agencies are given priority. Once a student has identified an organization and secured an initial internship offer, the Internship Office will negotiate with the agency to contribute a portion- or in some cases all- of the hourly scholarship payment received through the payment process. Other considerations:

  • Must be registered for the upcoming fall term
  • Must not be registered for any class on-campus (no classes, unless the class registration is an internship)
  • Cannot be on any type of probation
  • Cannot be paid twice for the same position (e.g., funded through Bonner Scholars and the Labor Program)
  • Must be processed as CPT for international students
  • Normally a minimum of 8 weeks, maximum of 10 weeks
  • Available for domestic experiences only
  • Priority will be given to student seeking academic credit especially in federally recognized non-profit government and service agencies

If not for academic credit, the agency supervisor over the internship will be required to complete an evaluation of the student’s performance and the student will be required to complete the summer version of the Labor Experience Evaluation.