Resume Design and Usage

Beginning with their Labor Assignment Resume (LAR), students are encouraged to draft a resume as early as their freshman year.  This task provides a framework to build upon in the future, familiarizes students with content and language, and identifies areas that will need development over the next few years. The Office of Career Development located in The Center for Engaged and Transformative Learning provides resume and cover letter-writing tips, samples and formats, and activities designed to identify content (e.g., skills and experience). Resume counseling sessions will provide students with what should and should not be included in a resume and demonstrates the best ways to highlight a student’s talents. A well design resume, while enrolled at Berea College, can be beneficial in securing an on campus position, off-campus internship, or a off-campus summer job.

Individual and group consultations are available on this important topic, and faculty and staff are encouraged to seek information so that they can better assist students in articulating what they’ve learned through their classes, work and co-curricular activities.