Labor Awards


Each department is allocated a number of departmental awards based on the number of student workers assigned. The department supervisor(s) and mentor(s) decide together which student or students have contributed the most to the work environment over the past year. Recipients receive a $25 cash award and campus-wide recognition of their accomplishments. Departmental Labor Awards are coordinated and funded by the Labor Program Office.


Over the years, alumni and friends of the College have established endowed awards to honor contributions that are more specific in nature. These awards are subject to a nomination and review process, and many come with a substantial prize or cash gift. Several endowed awards are presented at the Berea Academy Awards hosted by Academic Services and the Labor Program on Labor Day as a way to provide recognition of certain academic, labor and service endowed prestigious awards.

Anna Mae and Phyllis Shumaker Award

This award was named in 2004 in honor of two sisters who served Berea College for many years and were devoted to students in their offices. The award celebrates office work within the Student Labor Program and honors the service and dedication of the Shumaker sisters.

Berea College Outstanding Student Worker of the Year Award

Nominations for students for this award are evaluated on the basis of reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and uniqueness of contribution. The Berea College Student Worker of the Year is also eligible to receive honors and substantial cash awards from MASEA (Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators), and for Student of the Year Awards on state, regional, and national levels of employment organizations.

Building Care Award

This is an award selected annually by the Housekeeping Division of Facilities Management to recognize a building which symbolizes a high level of cleanliness and quality of work for the enjoyment of the campus community.

Clara Bell Hall Crafts Award

This award is given to a student who demonstrates exceptional academic and artistic talent while contributing to the Student Crafts Program.

Danforth Creative Effort Awards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

These cash awards were provided by the William H. Danforth Foundation of St. Louis to honor students whose products of imagination and effort have a lasting legacy beyond their college career at Berea.

Food Service Special Award

This award recognizes a student who finds fulfillment in service to fellow students.

Gladys Jameson Accompanist Award

This award is given in memory of Gladys Jameson, a member of the Berea College Music Faculty from 1916 to 1954, and recognizes the most valuable student accompanist of the year.

Margaret G. Rogers Nursing Award

This award is given in honor of Margaret G. Rogers, a friend and supporter of Berea College because “the College always stressed the dignity of work.” This award goes to a nursing student who has demonstrated excellence in his or her labor assignment.

Photo Awards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

This award was initiated by the Labor Program Office to encourage students identify a visual representation of the work our students do.

Raymond B. Drukker Memorial Award for Library Service

This award was established on behalf of Dr. Raymond B. Drukker by his wife Julia Drukker Stammer and son, Dow Drukker. This cash award is presented to an outstanding student worker in the College library.

Richard T. Hougen Hotel Management Award

Each year the Boone Tavern professional staff recognizes outstanding student contributors to the operation of the hotel.

Dr. Russell I. Todd Award

This award was established by Dr. Russell I. Todd to honor a student for the most constructive use of his or her leisure time.

Sarah Fuller Smith Loom Award

Ms. Sarah Fuller Smith visited Berea only once, but made annual gifts to the College during the last twenty-five years of her life. The Loom Prize which has been awarded since 1929. This award goes to the outstanding weaver of Fireside Industries, and provides the recipient a loom to build upon his or her weaving skills.

The William R. Ramsay Horizon Award

This award was established to honor William Ramsay's vision of labor and learning at Berea College. It recognizes a first-year student who enthusiastically embraces the Labor Program as an integral component of Berea's mission and whose work demonstrates great potential for the future. Recipients are presented with a copy of Shannon Wilson's book Berea College: An Illustrated History.

The Evans, Wilson and Ellen Best “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” Award

This award is presented to two graduating seniors who have performed above and beyond the requirements of their labor positions.

Leadership Awards

In recognition of their critical contribution, the Labor Program Office presents annual awards to faculty and staff labor leaders who serve in many capacities through their positions within the Labor Program: supervisor, mentor, teacher, adviser, counselor, and friend.

Every department has at least one supervisor, but departments vary greatly in size and structure, which impacts the dynamics of labor supervision. As such, the Supervisor of the Year and Mentor of the Year awards are granted in three categories based on the size of the department. Awards are driven by student nomination letters, which are reviewed and ranked by the Award Selection Panel.