Labor Supervisor Certification of Student Time

Supervisors are responsible for the certification and oversight of time worked by students in their department.   This holds true even when using a proxy such as another staff member or student manager to assists in time management and approvals. –see important notification below.


Approved 5/21/11 by the Audit Committee of the Berea College Board of Trustees

  1. It is the responsibility of designated staff or faculty Labor Supervisor to certify the work hours of their student worker(s)
  2. The responsibility for review and certification of time worked remains with the designated staff or faculty Labor Supervisor even when that supervisor authorizes a student manager to assist with the time reporting
  3. Failure to certify time worked by students during a term will result in withdrawal of the position(s) allocated to the staff or faculty Labor Supervisor and the student workers will be reassigned to another supervisor. Subsequent reinstatement as a Labor Supervisor will require signed agreement to assume time verification responsibility thereafter.