Student Time Entry

Time entry must take place at the start of work and the at the completion of the work. Only in special circumstances (e.g. such as an emergency situation such as where an RA must address immediately a situation or access to a computer or IP phone is not available…) can hours worked be captured after the work has been performed.  For the few student workers who have been given access to enter time into the TRACY system through a time sheet method (Web time), entering hours before work has occurred is prohibited and grounds for disciplinary action by the labor department and program. All students with TRACY Web time access also have access to time entry through either the IP-phone or TRACY UltraPunch (Time entry through a computer). The IP Phone and UltraPunch is the preferred method of capturing hours worked for all student workers.

NOTE:  Web Time approval and access requires an application process.  The application shall be resubmitted each year and will be reviewed periodically to monitor compliance.   If overused or abused, the privilege can be revoked at any time.