Unrecorded Time Form

The Unrecorded Time Form is used to report scholarship payment hours in cases where:

  • Hours are being submitted for payment through Labor Pool;
  • The student was paid an incorrect scholarship payment.

The Unrecorded Time Form can be accessed at: labor.berea.edu/forms.

Students and supervisors must submit time by the designated due dates on the Payroll Schedule. If time worked was not submitted to Payroll via Tracy, payment is subject to delay or denial. All unrecorded time must be submitted and confirmed by the Labor Supervisor by the payroll due date. Unrecorded time may not be added to future pay periods. This policy requires students and labor supervisors to take responsibility for all time worked and protects the College’s finances. Failure to submit students’ time can result in a decrease in allocations and/or removal of students from the department.