Supervisor Training

New Supervisor Orientation

Human Resources work with the Labor Program to identify new hires/supervisors on campus.   Likewise, departments should notify the Labor Program and Student Payments Office if a new labor supervisor is hired or if the responsibility is reassigned. Once identified, new faculty and staff supervisors- even if they are seasoned workers- are invited to participate in an orientation process. Using a variety of Labor Orientation materials, supervisors are provided an overview of the Labor Program, including the Labor Enrollment Agreement, Status Form – Position Participation Agreement, student placement, position descriptions, and labor program policies, as well as other pertinent information for those who are new to student supervision. In addition, an overview of the scholarship payment process is presented along with relevant handouts. This orientation is also open to faculty and staff who are not supervisors, and to students who will participate in student supervision through their labor positions.

Continued Support

A variety of development opportunities are available to supervisors throughout the year. A luncheon series known as “L&L Training Series (Labor and Learning)” invites supervisors and others to learn about best practices in student labor, to discuss common issues related to student development, and to highlight programs that support learning, labor and service on campus and beyond. To address issues in labor leadership, the Labor Program Office partners periodically with other campus organizations, including Human Resources, the Learning Center, and the academic advising program. Development activities can be tailored to individual or department needs, and limited funding is available to support participation in local workshops and conferences.  Contact the Training and Learning Assessment Analyst in the Labor Program for more information.

During the 2017-18 Academic year, several training opportunities will be available to support continued development projects in the Labor Program such as the transition of S.O.A.R. from the CSO system to GradLeaders.  Details will be announced to the campus community periodically.