Course Withdrawal

All courses for which the student is registered after the first week of classes in a regular term (and equivalent dates in Summer terms) will appear on the academic record and the grade reports for that term. The letter “W” (Withdrawn) will be used to indicate courses dropped during the second through fifth weeks of a regular term (and equivalent). Courses may be withdrawn from during the next five weeks (and equivalent), however, instructors will be asked to indicate the quality of the student’s work to that point with a “WP” (Withdrawn Passing) or “WF” (Withdrawn Failing). No course may be withdrawn from during the final four weeks of a term (or equivalent). Grades of “W,” “WP,” and “WF” are not used in computing the GPA. Final grades will be recorded for students who withdraw from the College after the last day of regular classes (and equivalent). The deadline dates for these actions for each regular term are shown in the College’s Academic Calendar. In exceptional cases, e.g. serious illness of a student, permission to drop one or more courses after the tenth week of a regular term (or equivalent) may be given by the Student Admissions and Academic Standing (SAAS) Committee. (For courses dropped during official Registration periods or the first week of class of a regular term and corresponding dates in Summer terms, see Drop/Add.)