Exchange Programs

Bilateral exchange agreements, both domestic and international, which allow Berea College students to enroll in and receive credit for courses. Depending on the type of exchange, these may include an exchange of tuition fees and/or room and board charges between the institutions.

At this time, Berea has an agreement in place with nearby Eastern Kentucky University that allows Berea students to take a course required for graduation if unable to take that course at Berea within his or her remaining allotted terms. Only one course is permitted per student through this EKU exchange, with the exceptions of students in the Public Accounting Program or in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). The EKU Exchange Application form is available in the Self-Serve Room (101 Lincoln).

The College also offers bilateral exchange agreements with a number of international colleges and universities; for more information about international exchanges please contact the Center for International Education. (Also see Transfer Credits.)