Grade Scale

In general terms, the definition of letter grades is as follows: “A-”/”A”/”A-” signify excellent work; “B+”/ ”B”/”B-” reflect good work; “C+”/”C” denote competence work; “C-”/”D+”/”D”/”D-” grades indicate poor work that is still worthy of credit; “F” represents failing work that is unworthy of credit. A grade of “CA” indicates that a student has met the Convocation requirement for the term. A “CF” grade indicates that the convocation requirement was not met for the term. “S” (Satisfactory), “U” (Unsatisfactory), and “SC” (Satisfactorily Completed Developmental Mathematics requirement) grades are given in Developmental Mathematics and in non-credit courses and projects and are not used in determining the GPA. “P” (Passing Work) grade is given for courses that do not affect GPA, but for which credit is earned. “CP” (Continuing Progress) grade is given when a student is enrolled in a class that continues into the next term. An incomplete (“I”) grade is assigned only when some portion of a course has not been completed for good and sufficient reason. These courses must be completed not later than the end of the next regular term in which the student is enrolled or a grade of “F” will be recorded on the student’s permanent record. Instructors may set an earlier deadline for completion of courses than that set by the College. See the “Grades and Grading Scale” under the Academic Performance Standards in this publication.