Courses and Course Numbering

Courses are numbered 010 to 499. Courses numbered from 010 to 099 do not count toward the 32 earned credits needed to graduate. Those numbered from 100-199 are open to all students and are primarily introductory in nature; prerequisites and conditions may still be required. Courses numbered 200-299 carry prerequisites from the General Education Program. Courses numbered 300-399 carry prerequisites from program curricula, and possibly some from the General Education Program. Courses numbered 400-499 are intended as senior level.

Cross-listed courses, e.g., PSC/PHI 204, are listed under both programs, along with any special attributes (including course fees, associated laboratory sessions, whether courses meet Perspective Area or other General Education requirements, and any restrictions for receiving credit for the course). Capstone courses, required in most majors, are intended to be taken in the final term(s) of a student's major field of study at Berea. Courses carrying the letter "S" after the course number normally are offered only in summer session. GSTR courses are those General Education courses required of all students (with specific exceptions as described in the General Education Program of this publication for students meeting alternate criteria); GST courses typically are optional interdisciplinary courses.

The College reserves the right to cancel any course for inadequate enrollment, budget limitations, an instructor's sabbatical leave, or other good reasons as defined by the Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty.

To determine which courses will be offered in a given term, see the Schedule of Classes, published by the Student Service Center and posted online. A link is available under the "Academics" tab in the student portal and the "Teaching and Advising" tab in the faculty portal.