Curricular Offerings

The Academic Programs section to follow in this Catalog & Student Handbook details the thirty-one (31) programs that represent the College’s curricular offerings—the major and minor requirements, as well as current course offerings and descriptions. The Catalog & Student Handbook Web site ( is the official version of the College’s catalog and student handbook information. The Web site is interactive, with quick links to courses, academic programs, and links to corresponding major Curriculum Guides and minor checklists. The site is arranged in a non-linear fashion, listing programs in alphabetical order, which makes it easier for students to navigate, even if they aren’t familiar with the College’s structure. And those wishing to search for keywords can do so in the site’s search engine on the lower left side of the home page.

Students should consult the Catalog (or Catalog & Student Handbook) that was in place when they enrolled at Berea or any subsequent one for the major or minor academic program descriptions they wish to explore or declare. The Berea College Catalog & Student Handbook presents the most recent information available. Print copies of earlier catalogs and of Catalog & Student Handbook publications are available in the Special Collections and Archives section of Hutchins Library. In addition, staff members in the Student Service Center are available for consultation concerning earlier Catalogs and course syllabi.

The Office of the Registrar maintains Curriculum Guides for each of the majors as well as Minor Checklists for each of the minors listed in this publication and recent Catalogs. As additional options are approved by the Academic Program Council, the Committee on General Education, or the College Faculty, updates will be made to these guides. Please go to and click on the “Curriculum Guides” link to find PDF versions of these guides. Print copies also are available at the Student Service Center on the first floor of Lincoln Hall.