Agriculture and Natural Resources

Division II Chair: J. Pearce

Program Chair: M. Panciera

Faculty: Q. Baptiste, S. Clark, S. Hall, R. Olson, and M. Panciera

The curriculum for the Agriculture and Natural Resources major combines major, elective, and General Education courses into a program that develops broadly educated graduates and prepares them for careers in the sustainable production of food and fiber, natural resource management, veterinary medicine, and related fields.

Graduates of the Agriculture and Natural Resources major will:

  1. know and understand scientific facts and principles pertaining to soils, plants, animals, economics, and ecology and will have the ability to apply those facts and principles to the management of agriculture and natural resource systems;
  2. be conversant in a broad range of subject matters and locate, interpret, critically evaluate, synthesize, and present information through writing and speech;
  3. understand agriculture and natural resources within the broader societal contexts of culture, ecology, economics, politics, and history; and
  4. examine and prepare for career opportunities in agriculture and natural resources, including graduate education.

Learning opportunities in this field of study include Internships, Independent Study, Team Initiated Study, and the Labor Program.