Division V Chair: R. Hoag

Program Chair: R. Bates

Faculty: R. Bates, C. Berry, R. Cahill, K. Christensen, R. Foster, J. Guthman, and D. Mack

A major in History provides a broad perspective on the human past with the view to understanding how persons behave and of what they are capable. The History Program requires that students majoring in History have a breadth of competence in the history of various areas of the world, and that they have an ability to research carefully and communicate clearly, using a variety of methods. Considerable attention is given to the philosophy of history and the various points of view with which scholars have approached the study of the past.

Such a background provides a useful foundation from which to move into a variety of fields, particularly those professions that require an understanding of human activity—the ministry, journalism, law, business, and teaching.

The Program offers one major—a B.A. Degree with a Major in History. Students interested in gaining certification to teach in the area of social studies (8-12) must double major in Education Studies with a concentration in Teaching and Curriculum with Certification and in either Sociology, Political Science or History. For more information, see the requirements for majoring in Teaching and Curriculum with Certification under the Education Studies section of this publication.