Division IV Chair: R. Meadows

Program Chair: S. Bolster

Director of Music: M. Calkins

Faculty: S. Bolster, T. Bratton, K. Bullock, M. Calkins, J. Clavere, L. Clavere, L. DiSavino, A. Hammond, J. Hedger, A. Rhodes, D. Stevens, and A. White

The Music Program assumes leadership in the musical arts area for the campus. The Program offers private instruction in several instruments, and a variety of large and small instrumental and vocal ensembles. In addition, the Program offers a clearly defined succession of courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music, Music Education—Vocal, and Music Education—Instrumental. Both Music Education programs lead to P-12 teacher certification. (See section to follow for requirements and recommendations for Music Education majors.)

A Music minor is also offered (requirements to follow the major program sections).