Division I Chair: Ron Rosen

Program Chair: C. Kirby

Faculty: J. Carr, C. Kirby, L. Turner, J. Ponder, T. Villaran and S. Vickous

Nursing Clinical Skills Laboratory Coordinator: J. Tolliver

Clinical Instructors: B. Baird, and K. Wilhite


The purpose of the Nursing Program’s curriculum is to provide learning experiences that help the student to develop as a professional practitioner of nursing, as an individual, and as a citizen. The curriculum includes a broad liberal-arts foundation and those courses and activities that are fundamental to the formulation of concepts and principles applicable to professional nursing. This course of study fosters development of self-direction, sensitivity, creativity, and leadership. The student is assisted to learn to identify the health needs of people from an intercultural perspective, with emphasis on Southern Appalachia. The graduate is prepared to render entry-level professional nursing service and pursue individual development and graduate education in an area of special interest. The Nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing.