Division III Chair: J. Blythe

Program Chair: J. Burnside

Faculty: J. Bouma, J. Burnside, and A. Woodward

The study of sociology provides an understanding of human social behavior and analysis of the social processes that unite as well as separate us. Sociologists study structures that organize society—such as social institutions, race, social class, and gender—as well as processes that divide us—such as crime and deviance. Both quantitative methods and qualitative methods of research are used in sociology.

Sociology courses contribute to the liberal education of students regardless of major. The major in Sociology will prepare students for graduate work in sociology, social work, applied sociology, or any field of study related to the sociological perspective. Majors are expected to develop writing and quantitative-analysis skills that enable them to carry out research in topics in which they have an interest.

Graduates of the Berea College Sociology program are prepared for employment in a wide variety of applied sociology and social science careers.

The Program offers a Major in Sociology. Students interested in gaining certification to teach in the area of social studies (8-12) must double major in Teaching and Curriculum with Certification and in either Sociology, Political Science or History. For more information, see the requirements for majoring in Teaching and Curriculum with Certification under the Education Studies section of this publication.