Technology and Applied Design

Division II Chair: J. Pearce

Program Chair: A. Mills

Faculty: M. Jadud, G. Mahoney, M. Mahoney, A. Mills and P McPherson

The Technology and Applied Design Program offers a general Bachelor of Science degree and three additional areas of concentration--Technology Management, Artisan Studies, and Engineering and Technology Education. The objective of these offerings is to provide students with a broad professional and liberal-arts education necessary for entrance into careers or into professional or graduate schools. Course work is provided in the areas of applied design, design and documentation, manufacturing technology, electricity/electronics, energy and power technology, graphics communication, photography, Appalachian crafts, quality control, alternative energy, robotics, construction, architecture and Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on aspects of creativity, quality, originality, and inventiveness in solving problems of design and production. When declaring the major, a student will select the general degree or one of the three concentration options.