Division IV Chair: R. Meadows

Program Chair: S. Ayers

Faculty: S. Ayers, A. Barton, G. Gray, and D. Martin.

The Theatre major provides an introduction to all aspects of theatre: the literature of the drama, theatre history, acting, directing, design, technology, and management. The major blends the curricular program with the co-curricular Theatre Laboratory labor and production program, the capstone Senior Theatre Project, and instruction from Theatre faculty and guest artists. The Theatre Laboratory is the play-production organization that supports a season of full-length plays. Productions directed and/or written by students, in addition to special visiting artist presentations and seminars/workshops, are often part of the Theatre Laboratory’s offerings.

The Theatre Program offers courses in theatre and film towards the bachelor of arts degree in Theatre. The Program has two principal responsibilities: advancing the student’s skills in theatre production and analysis, and furthering the student’s insight into the meaning and value of human experience through the study of theatre - all while focusing on the student’s creativity.

Upon graduation, majors proceed into graduate or other professional schools, theatre work, or numerous other occupations.