Awards for Good Citizenship and Leadership

Eva Nell Whitaker Alley Memorial Award in Community Leadership

Awarded to a female student who has demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, and service to the on-going life of Berea College.

E. R. Brann Good Citizenship Award

Awarded annually to a student or students nominated by peers and affirmed by the Service Awards Committee whose character and life have made an outstanding contribution to the Christian character of Berea College.

Emily C. Graham Volunteer Service Award

Recognizes two Berea students who have demonstrated exceptional volunteer service during the academic year. The award is a memorial to Mrs. Emily G. Graham, who was dedicated to service through her nursing career and her volunteer activities.

Jane A. Kendrick Community Service Award

Recognizing volunteer service to the community, this award is given to the student who, through community service, has accented the value of volunteer work and, in so doing, has improved and enriched the lives of others.

Layman Memorial Award in International Relations

Awarded annually to the student deemed most likely to make a significant contribution in the field of international relations. Established by the daughters of Rev. & Mrs. Henry L. Layman, missionaries in Japan.

Navy V-12/V-5 Memorial Scholarship

This award recognizes an international student and an American student for outstanding contributions to human kinship and international understanding on campus. Chosen in their junior year, these students will be known as Navy V-12/V-5 Memorial Scholars during their senior year. Berea College was one of 131 colleges and universities selected as sites for Navy training programs during World War II. Through the Navy V-12/V-5 program, Berea became home to 789 sailors between 1943 and 1945. Navy V-12/V-5 alumni, who maintain close relationships with each other and the College, have established this award to commemorate this important time in their lives.

Homer A. Porter, Jr. Citizen-Servant Emerging Leader Awards

Awarded to four students who have not reached their junior year by the Spring Term in which selections are made. This award is for students whose participation in and contributions to service programs and/or service learning courses exemplify the selflessness characteristic of servant leaders. While no firm restrictions apply, the donors hope that the four students selected will be representative of the diversity of Berea’s students.

Service Scholarship Fund

Established by an anonymous donor, this award recognizes a student who is pro-active and nonself- serving in their expressions of social concern for others, and who exhibits qualities indicative of a lifetime of service.

Student Service Learning Award

This award will go to a student or students to recognize significant contributions to our Berea and Madison County community through the service-learning program. The students will be nominated by community partners, and community partners will be involved in the selection of award recipients.

Louise Veltin Memorial Award for Good Citizenship

Awarded annually to a sophomore, junior, or senior chosen for allaround good citizenship. Established in 1936 by the Veltin Association of New York City in memory of Louise Veltin.

DeWitt Wallace Reader’s Digest Scholarship

Provides scholarships annually to prospective freshmen who have need and who demonstrate outstanding Christian leadership.

Dr. Lee E. Wickline Scholarship

Given in honor of Dr. Lee E. Wickline, class of ’49. The recipient must be a fulltime enrolled junior or senior majoring in Education and give evidence of being well-rounded and have demonstrated an enthusiastic interest in school and community activities and an awareness of universal human values.

Homer E. Williams Awards for Campus Leadership in Interracial Understanding

Awarded annually to two students, one of whom must be African-American and the other Caucasian or non-Caucasian, who demonstrate leadership qualities in all aspects of campus and student life, particularly in the promotion of racial understanding.