Degree Requirements

Berea’s curriculum offers the advantage of interdisciplinary general study coupled with intensive study in 31 major fields (some of which have multiple concentrations) and 32 minor fields of study. In all academic disciplines, students acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of the subject area, while gaining competency in applying the content and methods of inquiry to daily life. A degree is conferred upon the completion of both the General Education curriculum and the curriculum of a selected major, provided the student has earned the minimum number of credits (including 20 outside the major), and has earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher in all courses, as well as in the major course work. (Please be aware that some academic programs require a GPA higher than the College requirement of 2.00.) To calculate the minimum GPA requirement for a major, the College combines all grades earned in both the discipline (requirements and electives in the major rubric and concentration, if any) and in collateral courses, unless otherwise indicated by a particular program for its major requirements. A minimum of 32 earned course credits (typically 34 in Nursing) is required for graduation, with at least 20 courses taken outside the major discipline.