Dual Credit

Some courses can be used to fulfill more than one requirement. When a course is used to satisfy both a General Education requirement and a major requirement (i.e., PSY 100: General Psychology, which meets the General Education Social Science Perspective, as well as the requirement for the Psychology major), the credit is counted only once and in the major discipline. No single course may fulfill more than two General Education requirements and no single transfer course can fulfill more than one General Education requirement. The required General Studies courses (GSTR 110, GSTR 210GSTR 310, GSTR 332, and GSTR 410) cannot be used to fulfill any additional requirements.

For a list of courses that have been approved to meet other General Education requirements, see Perspectives. As additional courses are approved by the Committee on General Education (COGE), they will be added to the corresponding list in the Online Catalog & Student Handbook at www.berea.edu/cataloghandbook.