Course Substitutions and Waivers of Degree Requirements

Requests for substitutions or waivers of degree requirements must be initiated by the Academic Advisor(s), supported by the Program Coordinator, and approved by the Division Chairperson who serves as a liaison to the Academic Program Council (APC). These requests should be made by the term prior to the graduation term, or as early as possible.

The process to request a change in curriculum begins when the Academic Advisor completes the information requested below and e-mails it to the Program Coordinator for the major or minor. The request includes the following information:

Student’s Name:

Student’s ID Number: B00__________

Advisor’s Name for the Major/Minor in Which Substitution is Requested:

Major/Minor in Which Substitution is Requested:

Original Course Requirement(s)—Course Number(s) & Title(s):

For Substitutions:

  • Course Number(s) & Title(s) of Substituted Course(s):
  • Rationale or Explanation for How Substitution Meets Original Requirement(s):

For Waivers of Degree Requirements:

  • Rationale or Explanation for Student Not Meeting the Degree Requirement(s):

For established majors or minors in the Catalog & Student Handbook, the request is forwarded to the Program Coordinator. (The Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning serves as Coordinator for GST courses, General Education requirements, and Independent Majors.) If the Program Coordinator agrees to and supports the request for substitution or waiver, he or she will indicate support in an e-mail to the Division Chairperson that includes the Advisor(s) request and rationale and any additional information to support the request. If the Program Coordinator wishes to request that the course substitution is to be a blanket substitution for all students within the major, please indicate such in the e-mail of support. For Independent Majors, the primary and secondary advisors (both indicating agreement for the request) forward the request directly to the Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning.

The Division Chairpersons either will approve the request for substitution or waiver or will take the request to the Academic Program Council for its review and determination. The student, Academic Advisor, and Program Coordinator will be notified by e-mail of the outcome.