ART 423 Ceramics IV

Prerequisite: ART 323 or permission of instructor

Offered: Typically every Spring Term

Students will develop a conceptually directed independent body of work aimed at the senior exhibition. This body of work will be cohesive, consisting of finished pieces that are connected both visually and conceptually. Students are expected to show command of their medium in order to convey content and to articulate that content in words as well as in the object-visual. Students are expected to demonstrate visual and conceptual development throughout the course, and to pursue self-derived assignments with the assistance of critiques and discussions with the class and the instructor. To facilitate individual progress, actively working advanced level students are provided, when possible, with semi-private studio space within the group studio. Six in-class studio hours each week. Course Fee: $15, plus the cost of materials. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit