BIO 207 Pathophysiology:Altered Health

Prerequisites: EITHER 1) BIO 102, plus CHM 113 or CHM 131 OR 2) BIO 220, BIO 323, and CHM 221

Offered: Typically every Fall Term

This course will explore human pathophysiology using a conceptual model that integrates alterations in health across the lifespan as the human body continually monitors and adjusts to the stress of everyday life. The course will be organized around common health problems with three areas of focus: 1) control of normal function, 2) altered function, and 3) the implications of human response. Integration of the physiologic mechanisms of drug therapy and other treatment modalities will be included. The class will consist of three hours of lecture and a two-hour laboratory each week. NOTES: This course if primarily for Nursing students. This course may not be used to satisfy any concentration area requirement in the Biology major 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit