BIO 222 Microbiology

Prerequisites: BIO 102 & CHM 113 OR BIO 110 & CHM 221or permission of instructor; a sophomore-level course

Offered: Typically both Fall and Spring terms

A study of microorganisms and their various activities with special emphasis on bacteria and viruses. Topics include microbial cell structure and function, microbial diversity, microbial growth and metabolism, and microbial genetics. The role of microorganisms in infectious disease, as well as specific and non-specific host defense, also will be one of the major focuses of the course. Applied and environmental microbiology also will be discussed. Students will gain experience culturing and manipulating a wide variety of microorganisms in the lab. Students also will design, conduct, and present the results of an independent laboratory research project. Three class periods and one three-hour laboratory period each week. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit