BIO 324 Parasitology

Prerequisite: BIO 113 or permission of instructor; a sophomore-, junior-, or senior-level course

Offered: Typically Fall Term

The intent of this course is to expose students to the general morphological features and life cycles of selected human helminths and arthropods with directly or indirectly affect human health. Parasite pathology, diagnosis, and control will accompany this coverage. The course also will consider a number of local examples of non-human parasites in the interest of diversity and safety, and expose students to field collection strategies. Students will be required to master several techniques that will involve the recovery and proper preservation of parasites from naturally infected hosts and the completion of a permanent slide project. A second objective is to expose students to experimental designs for conducting
experiments with parasites, which will include an exposure to primary literature and the completion of a research poster related to an individual or group project. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit