CFS 380 Methods of Prof Delivery

Prerequisite: CFS 130; GSTR 210; admission to major; or permission of instructor

Offered: Typically as student interest and faculty availability allow

Child and Family Studies professionals need specialized curriculum development skills and effective methods for instruction delivery to meet a wide range of age, developmental, and learning needs for diverse populations. This course covers theory, practices, and procedures involved in (a) needs assessment; (b) planning and developing an effective curricluum with learning experiences appropriate for a specific group of learners; (c) implementing successful methods of instructional delivery; and (d) evaluating the instructional delivery and learning outcomes. Emphasis will be on the development of appropriate, current curriculum that is research based and employs best practices and that is delivered using methods that are both age appropriate and effective. The student will plan and design a detailed unit of instruction for a targeted audience. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit