HLT 109 Comprehensive First Aid

Offered: Typically every Fall Term

This comprehensive course teaches students the latest knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and respond appropriately, until more advanced medical care arrives, to a vareity of medical emergencies such as breathing cessation, cardiac arrest, airway obstruction, severe bleeding, poisoning, fractures, burns, shock, heat or cold related emergencies, seizures and sudden illness. The material will be presented in the classroom setting utlizing lecture, hands-on practical labs, videos, quizzes, written exams, student presentations and practical exams. As an American Red Cross course, the student has the opportunity to earn "Responding to Emergencies-First Aid" (3 year certification) and "Community CPR with AED" (2 year certification) during the class with successful completion of the American Red Cross standardized written exams as well as demonstrated competency in all required skills. Course Fee: Estimated $25. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit