MAT 105 Intro to Discrete Math

Prerequisite: Completion or waiver of MAT 012

Offered: Typically Fall and Spring terms

Discrete mathematics is the branch of mathematics that deals with arrangements of distinct objects. The course will focus on three basic questions related to these arrangements: the existence of such arrangements, the counting of such arrangements, and the selection of a 'best' arrangement based upon some criterion. Techniques from this branch of mathematics have application in a wide variety of practical everyday situations, such as how to find the best route for snowplows in a city or what voting method would best represent the will of the voters. Other useful applications include how to count the number of different possible combinations of color and type of a marketed product, and how best to schedule a list of tasks to be done. Discrete mathematical models are used by decision makers in our society, from workers in government to those in health care, transportation, and telecommunications. Practical Reasoning with Quantitative Emphasis (PRQ). 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit