UGR 020 Undergraduate Research (Off-Campus)

A non-credit bearing off-campus research experience.  Students are enrolled in this course when they are official member of a off-campus research project and this project has been approved by the Director of Internships.  The goals of the course include: (1) to enhance student learning by providing opportunities for the engagement of challenging, collaborative and directed projects in an apprentice-mentor relationship, and to help students understand the critical interplay between collaboration and independent thought and action in any team effort to engage a complex, open-ended project; (2) to enhance students’ communication skills; and (3) to provide experience that would be helpful to students who wish to pursue subsequent research and learning/creative opportunities (e.g., off-campus, summer research programs, or international learning opportunities) and offer experience that allows students to build their self-confidence to pursue careers and make informed career and graduate school decisions for further study beyond Berea.