PSJ 100 Fnd of Peace & Social Justice

Offered: Typically every Fall Term

This course provides an introduction to issues of peace and social justice, skills of social analysis, and actions for social change. The course addresses questions of poverty and inequality, the environment, and human rights. It surveys features of the modern world widely considered to be problematic, including the extent of serious poverty; the dynamics of gender and racial discrimination; questions of human rights; and situations of war and other forms of violence. The emphasis, however, is not on the state of the world but on ways of understanding it: on histories and theories of causes, effects, and solutions. The course does not teach to a predetermined notion of 'justice,' or to a particular political point-of-view, and it is not inherently 'pacifist.' It does, however, problematize inequality, conflict, and violence, and it introduces students to resources for analysis of and engagement with the world. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit