THR 332 Film Production: Feature Film

Prerequisite: THR 135

Offered: Typically alternate Spring terms

To facilitate our students' training and development in the skills relevant to modern media production, we offer an advanced seminar and workshop. This course will instruct students in both the 'how' of producing feature film, as well as provide grounding in the 'why' of filmmaking. Student will gain and refine practical skills in the uses and techniques of several important visual technologies, such as videography and video editing; as well as techniques technologies more specific to fiction or feature film production, such as set design, lighting, and the direction of actors. A further aim of the course is that students will also gain insight into why and when to employ these various techniques to successfully reach and/or entertain an audience. Instruction in the course presumes that students have a basic knowledge of camera and video work from the required Introduction to Film Production course (THR 135). Arts Perspective 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit