Dates of Withdrawal

A regular term is considered complete on the last day of regular classes and final grades for the term will be entered for students who withdraw from the College after that date. During regular terms, students must withdraw before Reading Day. During Summer, students must withdraw before the last day of class in order to avoid having grades posted for course(s) taken in that term. Only when a student withdraws from the College prior to the last day to withdraw without final grades being recorded does that term not count as a term of attendance. (See the Academic Calendar printed in the current Schedule of Classes for these dates each term; the calendar also is available in PDF online at

Students who withdraw from school during a regular term will not be permitted to re-enroll at Berea before the passage of at least one regular term. These students also will be required to go through the Readmission process. (See “Readmission” and “Leaves of Absence” in this publication.)

A term of attendance will be counted and grades recorded for any student who withdraws from school in a regular term after the last day to withdraw without final grades being recorded. This will apply to both regular withdrawals and to leaves of absence. If the withdrawal is due to situations beyond the control of the student, the student will be able to request an additional term beyond the eight-term rule.

NOTE: Any student-initiated withdrawal should be considered carefully with respect to the loss of financial aid and potential repayment requirements. Withdrawn students also must reapply for admission to the College.